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I know there's a gazillion posts on this....just wanted to add to the data base of serial numbers and didn't know where to go....
Anyhow, I've had my JLD PTR 91 for a long time, and only fired a mag or so when I bought it. I finally dug it out of the safe and took it to the range. I couldn't believe how great it shot !!! first shot after all these years through iron sights at 100 yds, hit steel!!! In fact every shot but one out of 80 hit steel! This is with wolf 308! Then I brought out what I thought was the good stuff....after less than a mag, it turned single shot!!! I forgot , R1M1 SA is not the good stuff for this rifle.....
What is surprising though, is this rifle is an "A49xx" serial number rifle, with the heavy 10 flute barrel most people say run every type of ammo....this things super accurate otherwise....I wonder if you could polish/ loosen up chamber slightly to fix it and leave flutes alone....I will experiment now that I re discovered the rifle and how fun it is to shoot when it doesn't stick.....16 inch 10 flute ....was that thompson or Wilson barrel
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