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Because I can't find a broken-in P2000sk V3...

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Long story short, how much will the P2000sk DA/SA trigger clean-up with use? Even if it stays about the same as showroom, I'll probably pick one up eventually.

What is a broken-in trigger like? Comparisons to other guns is great. How well broken-in the comparison gun is good.

I had a P2000sk LEM in .40 (also a P2000 LEM in 9mm that I also sold), and I couldn't shoot it worth a damn. Carrying it was irresponsible, so I sold it. Since then I've switched to a Glock 26 (9mm subcompact), and Sig P228. The 228 is utterly divine, but the G26 has a grip angle and trigger that is wrong. It's not a matter of like or dislike. It's wrong. Guns should not point like Glocks do. I've tried to correct its grip angle, but there is not fix for the trigger. Other subcompact guns do not inspire confidence. XDsc 9mm feels like a Glock with a better trigger, S&W can't make a decent semiauto, Kahr's aren't reliable enough to warrant IWB carry (they're fine the pocket though), J-frames lack in capacity and power, Walthers still need to be judged but are suspiciously unpopular, Kel-tecs don't cut it period.. and it goes on.

So, I'm back at the P2000sk. To be honest, I wish Sig made a subcompact based on the 228. After spending $1500 on carry guns as an undergrad, I can't find a subcompact for CCW that makes me happy. The 228 is great in the Winter, but I'll be needing a subcompact soon. I can't find a DA/SA P2000sk anywhere that has been broken in, only new ones. I KNOW from hard experience that I can't shoot a LEM gun to save my life, literally. No ranges 'round here will range-rent a DA/SA P2000(sk) to me, either.

My neighbor has a V1 USP that hasn't seen a lot of fire (400 rounds). A friend of his also has a V1 USP, which has had an active, prolific life (he's an instructor, ex-Blackwater, owns a security consulting business, etc.). I shoot both of these guns fine. Trigger is good. Better than a 220 or 229, not as good as my worn-in 228. I hold Sig and HK on equal grounds in general for handguns.

What's the chance of being able to shot a V3 p2ksk decently, if you shoot other DA/SA guns respectably, HK or not, but can't shoot an LEM gun at all?
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These things are gradual and hard to notice, but I'd say my P2000SK is predominately the same after 2000 rounds as it was on round one. Smoother perhaps, but now that I'm familiar with the pistol it performs very well. DA is still long and heavy, while SA very light with a clean, smooth break.

I'm not sure you'll find DA/SA that much of a change from LEM. One piece of advise for you is to look at the Walther P99c in either QA or AS trigger. It is the next closest available gun to the P2000SK in size, feel, accuracy and trigger styles.
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