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Benelli pre-ban M1 super 90 rails

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I have a M1 super 90 and love it. But it only has iron sight, not even ghost rings. I've heard people saying that I can drill a few holes on top of the gun and put a rail on it. I want my eotech on top of that gun. Is it safe to do so?
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Eotech's have been recalled for being junk. If you drill it, then it will obstruct the sights. Leave it be.
Unless your Benelli is pretty beat up, I'd leave it alone. If it's in nice shape, an HK marked, preban gun I wouldn't drill and tap it. That's a fairly collectable firearm you have. Benelli markets quite a few newer models that have the rail factory mounted. Shop around. I bet you could even find a reasonably priced used one. my 2 cents...
The older Benelli's (like the HK imported) like to stay light; start hanging a bunch of weight on it and it will retard the inertia system and fail to operate with lighter loads that were on the limit of operation. If you're a big 'ol ogre that only shoots magnum or full power loads, then kiss that EOTech goodbye...ours couldn't hack it on 12ga less-lethal loads.

Assuming you do it right (Are you capable of doing this to an aluminum receiver?)'ll kill any resale value on the gun.

TL;DR: Don't do it.
Don't do it. Listen to firemancjack.
I have the same gun. Mine has ghost ring sights. I recommend those if you want to change out. I also have a weapon light that pretty much illuminates where the pattern will strike (if that makes sense). In other words, an Eotech is probably not necessary anyway.
Alright guys, I won't drill holes on it then.
BTW, the ghost ring version is different I believe.
Mine look like this:
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You can install this Burris SpeedBead mount and add a Fastfire for a small and light footprint red dot sight:

SpeedBead? Mounts | Burris Optics

I have also seen these mounted for an optics option without drilling and tapping the weapon:


They are both relatively inexpensive options to try optics on the M1 without damaging or altering it.
Your results may vary, good luck!
Omg, that speedbead mount looks like just what I need. Thank you !

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I have 2 - 1 is an unmodified HK marked m1s90. One is a factory sbs hk marked m1s90. I had the sbs drilled and tapped and attached a Scalarworks rmr rail (meant for a Benelli M4, but works perfectly). I put an rmr01 on it and called it a day. Works great and it's better on my eyes than the bead sight.
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