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We are working since years with HK rifles. Long time ago there was a company called "UHL" and this guy produced match triggers for HK rifles. After he sadly died 3 years ago, production of the triggers stopped. However, he has built the best triggers as far as we know (and we had been testing many triggers).

This year, two guys got the original blue-prints and started reproduction under the Name WPNTEC - WHAT REALLY ARE GREAT NEWS! ...because it was the most bought custom trigger in german HK MR series rifles, bringing the rifle on a whole new level.

We are exporter for WPNTEC triggers. Those are best on the market for HK rifles, keeping all functions working as the original trigger does. The trigger can be completely individualized. Trigger weight is adjustable from 2.64 to 6.06 lbs (adj. travel, break, overtravel) , - dramatically changing the handling of the rifle in a positive way.

To find out more, check this out: (klick to open)

WPNTEC for MR556
WPNTEC for MR556 (Straight Curved)

WPNTEC for MR762
WPNTEC for MR762 (Straight Curved)
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