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Well I'm not the biggest fan of these mindless "HK is the greatest, blah blah blah" threads, but it's time to break out the kneepads...

All I've ever heard about is how crappy HK customer service is. On top of that I wasn't too keen with my bought used USP tactical because of what was a VERY choppy and jerky DA trigger pull along with the mags being a PIA to remove when the hammer was cocked.

Well thanks to these forums some helpful dudes here diagnosed the problem as a bent hammer strut.

I went and called all over looking for the elusive strut. No one could help, and locals claimed HK customer service sucked; I'd have to send in the gun, etc etc.

Well a week ago I did the unthinkable and called the parts department. The guy I talked to was cool and took a card number over the phone.

$7 plus shipping and a week later the part arrived and I installed it with the help of the USP dissassembly pdf file in this forum.

The gun rocks now in DA and mags drop free no problem.

+1 for HK parts department and customer service and this forum
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