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Bill Springfield work

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I've been thinking about sending my USP. 45 V1 to Bill Springfield to get the match trigger put on plus the creep and slack eliminated. Also he said he can install night sights. Has anyone had trigger work done by him before on a USP. 45?

Is it worth it? $69 seems like a very good price to have such nice trigger work done.

Thanks for input guys!
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Like all custom services provided by a gunsmith, there are some folks that are satisfied with the work and some that are not.
You'll probably hear from both sides.
Bill installed the LEM trigger on my Expert 40 and I am extremely happy with the results.
The creep and slack is my one complaint with the HK trigger and I don't have that problem anymore.
I have Bill work on all of my pistols. 1) life is too short to put up with a crappy trigger until it "smooths out with use"; 2) At $69 its pretty much a no-brainer for me in terms of getting perhaps 90% of the goodness that I would get with some of the "brand name" gunsmiths, but at a fraction of the cost.

Specifically, his work on my CZ75 trigger is pure artistry.
What kind of turnaround did you guys experience with Bill? I'm going to install the LEM myself but I'd like to get the "creep" eliminated as well.
His turn around was very reasonable...I think I had mine sent and returned in under two weeks. He did a great job for me, and he was very courteous and returned my calls.
For perspective, I am in California and he is in Colorado. Yet, I have shipped and received within one business week. That implies that he was able to turn his work around within the same day.

Be sure to let him know what you want. You can't expect everything for $69, but if you tell him you are concerned about creep, I suspect he will take care if it for you.
He bailed me out on my Match Trigger install, price was very reasonable and the turn around time was as close to immediate as possible. The only way it would have been faster is if I had hand delivered it to him.

I don't mind the HK factory trigger at all but what does Bill do to them? Does he modify the factory parts or replace them with custom stuff?
Using the search feature will probably give you the information you need.
Thanks Guys, I stone/polish the main contact points. I stone the hammer close to the USP match hammer specs for creep elimination. A new wolf 12 lbs hammer spring is installed, this is the lightest and most reliable spring that I have come across. I can also shorten the trigger reset 40 to 50%.

Bill did some AR15 trigger work for me and I am quite satisfied with the results. I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again.
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