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Blackstar Tactical holsters

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I was looking for a kydex pancake holster for my HK45C with modified Streamlight TLR-2 attached. Monte at Blackstar Tactical in Michigan offered up his services. He was extremely accommodating of my requirements and had the holster and double mag holder finished in a week.

Monte is a true craftsman - every edge has a “factory” smoothness to it. He is very particular about the finish of his product.

It took about a week of me practicing my draw before the holster felt like it was breaking in. Whether that was the holster itself or me becoming familiar with the holster draw - I don’t know. My gun clicks in nicely and feels very secure when hoilstered. The double mag holder was great from the start. It has a screw in the center to adjust the retention. After two and a half months, I had to tighten that up a little bit and I actually applied some blue locktite to keep it there. The mag holder has a small sweatguard built into the back of it. I’m not really a fan of sweatguards, but this is small enough that it doesn’t bother me and I’ve actually found myself using it as a guide when reholstering a mag. The main holster also has a small sweatguard, which I may eventually dremel off - personal preference. A cool feature/detail of Blackstar’s holsters is that there is a slight curve put in to the entire kydex, where other manufacturers typically just bend the corners back to create the body-forming curvature. They use .080” thickness kydex for the main body (available in Black, Coyote, and OD) and a thicker kydex for the belt loops.

I’ve been wearing and shooting from the holster for three months and I recommend anyone seeking a holster to check out Blackstar’s services. With a quick turnaround time and holsters starting at $75 and backed with a limited lifetime warranty, you’re going to get a great deal. Their website offers a drop down menu for Glocks, M&Ps, and 1911s. I happened to be close by at the time (Michigan) and dropped in to give him my pistol to mold the holster. I just talked to him the other day and he mentioned that he was going to get an HK P30 to expand his offerings. In response, I told him I'm posting my review on HKPro because as HK owners, when it comes to holsters, we often get forgotten about and we need options. Blackstar Tactical is a great option! Give him a holler and let him know you want more than the P30. Their web info is:
Blackstar Tactical Solutions LLC > Home
Blackstar Tactical Solutions, LLC - Info | Facebook

Side note: Monte also cut in the magazine relief cuts in my frame. Just like the edges on the holster, they look like the HK factory put them there. I has helped me get a get a very positive grip when extracting a magazine from the pistol.

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Great question, SDduc996 - I apologize for not addressing this originally! When I first got the holster, I had an issue with my middle finger hitting the kydex under the trigger. I wanted to cut that area out a little more, but decided against it for the sake of giving the holster a fair review. After 3 months of daily carrying and holstering/reholstering, I've stopped noticing that it is an issue. Even when drawing rapidly to shoot at the range, I haven't been hindered by it. That being said, I am likely to cut that out a little bit anyway; like 1/8th of an inch, max.

The stippling was done my my best buddy from my old platoon. He has an incredibly steady hand and an intense attention to detail when it comes to this. It has helped me to keep a positive grip on the gun, especially during controlled pairs or other rapid strings of fire. Looking at the stippling up close, it is really a work of art and labor. It is also not coarse enough to irritate skin or catch on clothes when carrying concealed. I've been pleading to get him to open himself up for business in stippling and other armorer work since he has such a talent for both. He is really considering it - the big thing would be accessibility to his services, considering the probable need for an FFL. If you are in Michigan, PM me and I can give you his contact info if you'd like to contact him. I'll let him know there is interest in his skills.
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Absolutely, man. I'll head over there, too and pass these threads along to my buddy so he can chime in himself.
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