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Bolt carrier won't go forward

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Have an HK53. recently put a new semi pack in it. The bolt carrier is very difficult to seat back into the "cocked" position about the last 1/2" it stops. I can sometimes force it in then when i go to "slap" the charging handle, the carrier will not release and go forward into battery. any thoughts?
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Try with out the new pack installed.

Also have you recently cleaned and lubed the bolt carrier and bolt assembly, if not might be time to check for something (dirt, brass, primer fragment)?
Is it hanging on the ejector? Which ejector are you using?


I'm using the 93 ejector and from what everyone is telling me that is fine. The gun was cleaned prior to the range trip and lubed. Also the bolt gap was within spec. it will function fine w/out the pack
The 53 and 93 ejectors are different. That sounds like the hangup.
ok i've had more time to look at it. The front of the ejector was dragging on the bolt, so I ground down the front of the ejector and it seems to be functioning much better. I also need to clarify that the ejector is the newer hk53 style with the shorter tail. It's what HK sent in the pack. Anyone else ever had to do this?
Is it a Special Weapons receiver? Not uncommon to have to trim a little off of the front to prevent drag.
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