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Bolt gap is out of spec?

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Having bought a PTR GI R, I took the recommended step of checking the bolt gap before taking it to the range. The included manual states that a gap of between .010" and .018" is what I want for a functioning rifle. Mine is .020".

Am I going to have to replace the rollers, or is there another solution?
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Update: I ran 260 rounds of various manufacture and grain through it yesterday. Still figuring out how to get it to hit where I'm aiming, I suspect my sight picture/cheek weld is inconsistent. I will have to work on that once I've restocked on ammo.

Anyway, you guys were right, it did wear into spec. The bolt gap is about .017" now. Funny thing though, I was cleaning the bolt and noticed that the rollers were mismatched, both in size and in their exact details. Almost as if whoever put the thing together grabbed rollers from two different sets made by two different manufacturers. Is that something to worry about, and if so, should I have it sent back to PTR?

EDIT: Correction, the bolt gap is now .016". I forgot to drop the hammer before measuring last night, I just got back from doing it properly.

.020" to .016" is a significant change. Should I be worried?
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