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Bought used USP45 Expert - did I do good?

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Stumbled across this auction this morning after being up all night for work:

Heckler and Koch USP Expert 45 ACP 45ACP : Semi Auto Pistols at

I wish there were more pictures, but I know USP45 Experts are hard to come by. I already have a USP45 Expert, and love it. So I figured two might be just as good :) Is $829 a decent price for the gun? I'll be selling the 10 rounders immediately, as I've got plenty of 12 rounders, so that'll bring my overall cost down.
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Good price, great gun!

Now you have no reason to not shoot the sh!t out of one of 'em! Congrats!
wow!! wow!!! wow!!!!
tell us how it shoots
That is a great price for that pistol. I see them for 1000-1200 all the time. Congrats!!
wow!! wow!!! wow!!!!
tell us how it shoots
You dun good. I suspect that these will likely go up in price as they become more scarce or fewer are for sale. And you have all those mags you can sell...
You did make a good buy on that one I would of picked it up for that. Give use a range report soon
Thanks for all your messages! I just woke up, and it's good to know I got a good price. Last time I checked, CDNN was selling them for $900, which was the reason behind my brief hesitation in buying it. Good thing I was sleep deprived and went "what the hell..."!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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