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*Update: HK's customer service was great, and sent a replacement*

I plan to give HK a call Monday, but would like to know if it has happened to anyone else.

This magazine is brand new - I put 30rds through it last weekend (bought several mags and loaded them all up), and noticed this when loading it for this weekend.

This was a new German/LEO 30rd mag. The black coating appears to be in the crack (I see very little shiny metal with the camera flash). Factory Fiocchi 147gr, SBR HK94.

Any else have this happen?


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MP5 magazine cracked feed lips...

Yes. Not on a once loaded mag though. That is where they let go. Get the TIG welder out.

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Oh yes,

I'm sure HK is aware of this issue more times than they could count...

I've tossed many feed lip cracked MP5 mags in my life time... Especially the MP5 .40 S&W plastic feed lip mag bodies... The feed lips cracked the worst on all the plastic models... Just ask Gordon Miller how many new H&K designed mag bodies I've purchased...

The new H&K mag bodies are designed with a new factory design internal metal feed lip liner to assist in the strength of the plastic mag feed lips...

I haven't seen any all steel cracked MP5 9mm mags before... This one is new to me... The crack shown above in the pic is the same crack I've received on my MP5 .40 cal mags...

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I recently found the same on one of my mags, will be looking ( probably very hard) for more at KCR here in a couple of months.

Only one metal out of 24, not bad.

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