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Brugger Thomet HK91 Rail, Heinie Suppressor Sights,Geissele HK416,CTC 45C Laser

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Here's a few parts leftover from builds that need a new home

1) Brugger Thomet bt-21042 HK91 Rail, installed and removed before taking it to the field, like new with box, hardware and B&T protective Ladder panels in black
HKParts gets $350, i'll take $295+shipping

(SOLD) 2) Heinie Suppressor Sights #3960 for HK 45, 45c and P30 Tactical, purchased and stored away, never installed, in factory package and mounting screws
Heinie gets $158.28, i'll take $100+shipping

(SOLD) 3) Geissele HK416 Rail 10.5" in DDC, used in the field, no extra picatinny rails
Geissele gets $438, i'll take $250+shipping

4) CTC DEFENSE LGD-645 LASER SYSTEM FOR HK45C, visible red laser, same as used by Crane (NSWC), new in box
CTC gets $250 (discontinued), i'll take $195+shipping

1) Brugger Thomet bt-21042 HK91 Rail

2) 2) Heinie Suppressor Sights #3960

3) Geissele HK416 Rail 10.5" in DDC

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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