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I am hosting a Bushido Tactical Defensive Rifle / Carbine
Readiness class scheduled for MAR8 & MAR9 in Homestead, FL (Henry's
Range). The exact times to be determined.

Cost of class would be $300 and will include range costs. Payment and
the registration form must be received by FEB8. Payment can be made
via credit card or check.

A Concealed Weapons License or proof of citizenship is required to
participate in the class. Please post and let us know if you are in. I
want to keep it capped at 12 students. Right now I have 5
confirmed. Please contact or Wade at Bushido for more info or if you are
interested in attending this course.

Find out more about the class here:

Registration form can be found here:

Feel free to contact Wade Rorich, chief instructor at
[email protected] or via his cell at 816 200 8870

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Wade ROKS!!!

Guy 's

Wade is a great instructor.

I have had pleanty of dealings with Wade as my Instructor, and other than that he is a great teacher. He has "BEEN THERE, Done That....butt here are NO picture's (evidence).

Miamitj, I am not due till mid Feb, but if I had the chance to train with Wade again, I would make the trip south.

You guys have a great time.
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