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Spent a long day in the shop today….the parts came in to start on a PTR 9 “Classic” as well as a POF to convert into an SD-Hybrid. I also had the parts come in for a complete SD build from a flat. Also got in three B&T SD suppressors as well so they can all be used for testing on the guns I’ve built.

Well after todays work, I have a total of 6 guns to test tomorrow….I’ll post more info once they are all fired and zero’d. It’ll be fun to shoot these with semi and full packs.


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Very nice work…. I would be all over one of those if I lived in a friendly state it makes a fellow think about moving just to be able to get one. I never cease to be impressed by you guys out there building these rifles and clones… thanks for posting the pics ,that’s important to me.
Keep up the good work! 👍🏻🇺🇸
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