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Buy new parts or surplus for PTR91K.

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What part should be bought new and what parts can get away with surplus (used) part?
I am a welder. My uncle is semi- retried gunsmith, that has press.
I have weld up Uzi before this will be bit more difficult. (Headspacing)

I am left hand and going Tig weld up southpaw cocking tube, a 180 deg. Spin. I have to flip the rifle over to release the bolt home.

I am going to buy a PTR rec. from Adlantic firearms ,start my form 1 paperwork. SBR.

Thank from snow Oregon!
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I've shot my HK91's left-handed as part of training. Being right-handed, it doesn't hurt to be familiar if indeed you find yourself injured...

Ejection across the face didn't cause me any trouble, and using the sling to aid in working the handle really helps.

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