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C93 going back to Ghillie.... But it looks good before hand.

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Well I purchased my C93 knowing it may have bolt gap problems. I shot 140rds and bolt gap went to .005 from .011 from when I purchased it. I sent it off to ghillie to get a barrel installed. Got it back and bolt gap was .018. Long story short after 60rds she is back down to .007. Spoke with ghille and trunion is junk so she is going back next week to ghillie to get a new trunion.

But before she goes back I thought I'd at least get my ACE stock fitted and installed how I want it. Here is a pic of how she sits before she goes back. Afterwards she will be getting a paint job but for now:

RCM 1in7 barrel
4 prong Mini
Roberts HK91 adaptor
ACE HK91 adaptor and Modular stock

Thanks and sorry I was just venting. This is by no means Ghillie's fault as he is as good as everyone has stated on here.

Good luck,
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We will get you fix right up bro..
This is a great oportunity for some first hand info. There was a thread a while back concerning how Century attached the trunion to the receiver, since Ghillie does the trunion replacements, how are they welded to the receiver? Some have guessed just around the front, others have stated that they also use rosette welds. What have you been finding?
We have repaired hundred and 92 C 93 rifles. Four of those rifles had bad trunnions and would not hold bolt gap, the front of the trunnions were soft due to improperly welding the face of the trunnion to the front of the receiver too much heat. We also found the ID of the trunnion have been opened up my homing this cause problems with the barrel fitting properly also .We do a trunnion replacement we will weld the trunnion in properly with two welds on top two welds on bottom and where the trunnion meets the inner rails of the receiver. It's a shame that these guns were not properly built the first place but I do have to say I'm glad to see they came out at a fair price and were available from century due to the lack of 93-33 parts kit's on the market.
Sorry Jeff, I know you do it right, my question was related to your experiences in replacing the trunions on the C93's. Did "Century" properly weld the trunion's in at all, or did they just weld around the front circumference? I know they missed the rail welds on all I've seen, did they also fail to do the 2 top and bottom spots/rosettes? You've surely repaired more of their mistakes than anyone, so I thought you would be the most qualified to answer the question about how Century did the build having delt with it first hand.
no problem bro .. yes they all were not welded right but some were real bad . some are better..
I had him do the works on mine.
new trunion
new reciever
new barrel
paddle mag install
Heres knowing its gonna look as good as yours. :100000:
Ghillie, as you know I am gathering parts for my Ghillie 93 build.. should I obtain a new (German/US ?) trunnion or what? As you know I want it right from the get go even if I have to pay a little more for parts.. whatta ya think?
I just sent a new trunnion and barrel to Aaron @ SSE Guns. He stated that the barrel had look used! I told him I only shot 100 rounds and he stated "The barrel is not loose in your trunnion. It's as it should be and the headspace/bolt gap as it sits now is within spec. Its currently at .013, new HK spec is .018 and minimum is .002. When I got your email I looked it over in depth. The barrel does show extensive wear in the rifling, it looks like it just been shot a lot. The lands are rounded and worn and groove depth loss is present. The barrels century uses are button rifled generally green mountain barrels sometimes er shaw. To be blunt, once this is done, the barrel will be the weak point of the rifle. If you are planning on using it a lot and keeping it forever, I would go with a CHF barrel."

This honestly made me wonder if I had recieved a second hand barrel from century. It makes you wonder what they do with all the parts on all those returns!!!! I am sure they dont throw them in the dumpster!!!

I then asked him if I would need a new trunnion after al I had purchased a new SSE made Receiver and figured it was only another 75.00. He stated "If you want to do a new barrel and trunnion that would be beautiful. It would make our work much easier and make for a better rifle as you wouldn't have a trunnion that's been drilled three times and an oversized pin and all that fun stuff. Your barreled action short of cocking tube would be all new and all military grade."

Merritt are you thinking of a new receiver too?

I am really really thankful of all the good smiths that help the rest of us out!!!
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I'm keeping the receiver I have as I have the special weapons receiver. And yes I'm thankful for good smiths. I do my own work on my bolt actions but I leave the welding and head-spacing of semi auto rifles to the pro's.

Well Ghillie stated it didn't need a new trunion after all just an over sized pin. She is going to get a hard corps function test tomorrow when I get my hands on her. Then if she holds bolt gap she'll be getting a new paint job so she matches the rest of my rigs. Thanks Ghillie again for a lightning fast turn around. You're an awesome smith and deserve the praise you get on this board.

OK Update.... Got my rifle back from Ghille with the following work completed. Barrel installed, over sized barrel pin installed, and paddle mag release installed. Have since put 360rds down the tube and it eats everything I give it. It never had a failure before the work but it has yet to have a failure after as well. I've added some parts, ACE Stock, Clipped and pinned grip and a paint job. I couldn't be happier.

Here is how she shot on a dirty barrel at 75 yards with iron sights.

I know you purists are probably mad at me for going green on the receiver but every other weapon I have has a green finish. Thanks Ghillie for doing great work as always. No I need to start saving up for a PTR 91 and send it off to Ghillie for a rail and paddle mag install.

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Go with an RCM nitrided barrel, the one is have looks excellent in all respects
Go with an RCM nitrided barrel, the one is have looks excellent in all respects
That's exactly what's on it ;).. I was shooting the 75gr Hornady Steel match with that group.

I know you purists are probably mad at me for going green on the receiver but every other weapon I have has a green finish.


Doesn't bother me at all... kinda tame iffen you ask me...

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