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C93 paddle mag release install question

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So from my research the center of the hole for the paddle mag release should be 15.5mm/ .610" straight down from the center of the mag catch hole. I measured and scribed two lines that intersect to that point. However, when I install my clipped trigger group, the hole does not line up with my mark. The trigger pack hole is low and back from my measured center mark. So go with the measurements or the trigger pack location ? It's a Century C93 with a lower I clipped myself. Just checking, you know measure 1,000 times drill once, right. I'm a machinist by trade so I have the skills and tools just need to make sure I'm in the right spot. -Thanks
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If you were to of purchased a receiver with a paddle mag already installed, what are the chances your lower would line up....and to what?? There is nothing there that needs to line up.
Your clipped lower is probably different from a lower that someone else may have done, so there's another variable.
Do the guys that do paddle mag releases for a service install every release according to the customers specific lower...of course not.

Install the paddle mag release to function properly for the job it was push the magazine catch over so your magazine can be removed. Make up a fake push pin to cover the hole on your lower.
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