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C93 serial number questions and bolt gap

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I acquired a C93 a few months ago with a serial number of C93052XX

I was curious if anyone could help me with any info pointing towards when this one was released. Is this one of the first ones?

It certainly does have jamming issues and a bolt Gap of .023. Failure to feed and failure to eject. The ejector spring was replaced after discovering it was bent but that made no different. spend casing are barley trickling out. A smith is currently looking at the gas system but I'm afraid he isn't experienced with the C93 creation! Ive mentioned everything that I have read to him so I will wait and see!

There is another for sale with a serial number of C93148XX. I assume this would be one of the later ones? The furniture looked refinished and the receiver also looked slightly different color wise.

Ive seen threads with the lower bolt gap but not too many address the larger gap issues. Just trying to understand my options for repair and selecting a good one in the future.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Also check the height of the ejector in the slot in the bolt head. As seen in Oicani's pic, the ejector should ride close to the top of the slot. Loe position can/will cause weak ejection.
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