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I've come across a few strange HK G3 stocks in my time collecting. I'm hoping someone out there might have some info on any of these parts.
The most trouble I'm having is the manufacture/date codes. Some of them are just straight dates of manufacture, while others are a combination with the plain-jane date and a date code.

-The top left stock is a really strange dark green color. Never quite seen anything like it. It has a date code of "lK". The face that screws into the recoil bracket has been sanded down slightly, so I cannot make out a factory number.
-The OD Stock below it has a very strange combo date code. It is "1/70 II" (I cannot tell what the two letters are. They look like lower case "L"s (l))
-The black stock at the bottom has me really confused. I bought it as part of a furniture set. It had some grease or something on it, so I took some Goof-Off and wiped it off. To my surprise, the stock started melting. It isn't normal plastic; it feels like polymer and is twice as heavy as the normal stocks. The color also looks to be a shade of blue instead of black. No numbers at all on this one.
-The stock on the upper right corner is one I bought from RTG as a tropical green stock. Not sure where it came from or if it is a factory stock. No markings on this one either.
-The final stock below the Tropical is apparently a German Army stock by the "1" factory marking on the inside face. But again, there isn't a code and instead a date "7/2/77" (Born on my birthday surprisingly). It also has a date on the inside in a circle, "7/1/77". I thought that HK had used Date Codes for all their parts. Was the date code system incorporated at a later time?

The black stock

The factory "1" marked stock

The OD Combo code stock

There is also one handguard I came across. It is Tropical Green with a sling-clip on the left side and a Date code of "iO". I believe this is a Greek handguard, as I remember seeing something similar on an SAR-3. Again, not sure though.

Thanks for any info you can provide!
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