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Can the early HK91's be used with an optic?

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I have a 70's Saco import HK91, noticed the ridge for the scope bumper is milled off on the early models. Can these still be used with an HK scope mount?
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The bumper from my understanding rides up against the steel ridge in front of the drum. The early ones don't have this ridge- it's milled flat. I have one Saco import and an 80's import with the ridge. Just noticed the difference tonight and figured the bumper would lay up against the drum itself on the early model. Wanted to see if anyone was running one.
My mistake; the picture I linked above is from a G3. Mine look like this:

It is a little taller and I never noticed that the SACO imports had the lower base like the G3. I have to remove the plastic insert in order to place an HK claw mount on my rifles. If yours looks like the base in my previous post, you can place the mount and leave the plastic insert in place. Thanks for posting, like I said, I never noticed the difference with the earlier imports.


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