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CCF Titanium Flash Suppressors

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Just ordered CCF Titanium Flash Suppressor and the nice lady that helped me informed me of the following.
1. They are on sale for $115.00
2. They are on sale because they are being phased out and apparently these
will be the last. She said their race frames are keeping them very busy.
So if you want one get it now.
If I am wrong about any part of this please let me know. I am new to H&KPRO and this is my first post. Merry Christmas All! - Oakley:28:
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Yup, he's abandoning some stuff to work on the Glock frames exclusively.

Too bad. He was one of the few aftermarket companies that did a lot of exclusive HK stuff. He imported a lot of HK pistols (Elites, some P8s, I believe), and made barrels, thread protectors, flash suppressors, and B&T style suppressors stateside. I, for one, will be sad to see the company go the way of the Glock. But I'm glad it'll apparently be better for him and his business.

Welcome to HKPro!
Crap, I just paid full price for mine. It sucks to see the best quality TPs and FS taken off the market for us.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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