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I Bleed Urban Gray
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Hey guys.

Is there anyway to reliably refinish the frame of my USP to O.D. Green?

Thanks guys.
Nothing sticks to plastic/polymer for long.
@jik294 @Crashmc knows what he's talking about. But I also think your results will depend on the intended use of the USP. If you want a cool looking OD USP for to take to the range and fondle at night, then cerakote or duracoat are two viable options. I would check with certified applicators about their thoughts about which would be more durable after a no-heat application (i.e. air drying). I have a friend who does duracoat on car parts as his business and swears it's far better than cerakote on plastic. If the gun isn't going to see hard use, then the coating should last a long time but you will see wear on all areas of friction or impact - eventually (notice wear under mag release lever in very first pic below). The good thing about OD is that if a little black shows through in a wear area, it wont be super obvious as they are both dark colors. Below are some pics of my P30 that was professionally cerakoted in battleship gray. These pictures are after about 3K rounds during 2 pistol courses. So this gun was drawn numerous times and dropped a few. That said, even before the classes, after my second or third range trip I already had wear on the sharp edges of the picatinny rail. There are several members here who have cerakoted their poly frame HKs (tungsten is very popular) and have indicated on the forum they are very happy with the results. You just have to come to grips with the fact that with use there will be some wear.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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