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Choosing a SK

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I'm really wanting to pick up one of the sk models in DA/SA. I'll most likely go with 9mm due to cost and because they don't come in .45 but I'm really having trouble deciding which to pick up. I much prefer the look and feel of the p2000sk and if you could get it with a manual safety it'd be no question. The two other issues I have with the p2000sk are the sights and mag release, which I prefer as stock on the p30sk but I realize I can change these out at another time. I do wish one could get the luminous sights for the p2000sk. The p30sk grip surely fits the hand nicely but feels bulbous to me and I'm concerned with the texture. I have the HK45 and love it but the feel of the p30sk just doesn't do it for me the same way. I have read much on the pros and cons of a manual safety on a carry gun and think I'm OK with either although I'd prefer to have one, but I can't stand that it is ambi on the p30.

Anybody else in the same boat? And what did you choose? If I'm missing something to consider or if there is another DA/SA subcompact option I should look at please fill me in. The only other I had considered was the sig p250 subcompact, which I would get in .45 but again, no manual safety there and the DAO pull was awfully light. I've read all the threads on these but can't decide. Thanks for the input.
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I went to a local range, shot both the P2000SK as well as P30SK and decided to purchase a P30SK Lite LEM.

Love it. The Mag release being the same/very similar to the VP9 helps me a lot. It shoots like a full size pistol, even with the 10 round flush magazine inserted (weird, but true for me).
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