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Well my wife, my brother, and I took our Christmas hardware to the range to ring in the new year and much fun was had by all.

The wife's Burris Fullfield II was sighted in atop her .308 Weatherby Vanguard in 4 rounds with a fifth behind it to make sure. Not bad considering we didn't get a chance to boresight! We burnt most of a box of BHA Match 165 gr. SP throughout the day at various yardages with consistantly deadly results after that.

Bro's new LAR-15A4 was next. He started by putting the sights where he said they always wound up on every other M-16 he'd ever used (which is for sure a two-digit number). Couple clicks to the right from there and it was time to move back (after a couple mag dumps of course). Accuracy was consistant for all of us and the fun factor was definitely up there! The ten round magazine that came with the rifle was a little picky about how hard you slapped it in. Seems it really likes a good spanking. Two failure to feeds as a result were the only malfunctions the weapon experienced all day (200 rds)

My PTR-91 is not new. Dad and I each dumped a mag of .308 for fun before it got too dark, but then we took it inside and dropped my new (used) G3 .22 lr kit in it. CCI mini mags seemed to work the best and it did not like Winchester Super X power point HPs or Federal standard velocity rounds. The EoTech was about 2.5" high on the indoor range (17 yds. I think). (I did get a chance to shoot the .22 kit outside last week and the EoTech was dead on at about 65 yds.)

We all had a blast (pun intended)!
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