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claw mount

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I'm new here "great site" I need to know a good source for a quality claw mount I have read the reviews on some and they are pretty disapointing also a recomendation on a bipod florida gun works has a hk bipod they wont tell me who makes it but all they will tell me is it is hk contract produced all metal.

Thanks to all for you're help

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Check out the negative feedback on this company on Sturmgewehr in the general firearms thread. I believe it has been posted in the last week.
Jfk52, Leo

Thanks for the link guys they don't even have a phone# to call them only email you know that's a sign of a well ran company I remember when there where hk claw mounts, bipods all over the place I was at a gun show in September the guy at his little HK table wanted 325.00 for a bipod HK original equipment. this is not going to be easy to get some aftermarket quality stuff I have the feeling
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