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Clone hosts Need advice

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I am one of the folks getting two of the 50 sears Todd is brokering

Do the clones work well?
Are there certain ones to avoid?
Will some HK smiths not work on them?

TIA from an HK newbie

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two sears is a hell of a way to start getting into H&Ks :)

vector arms i have had no bad experience with they all seem to work very well

JLD/PTR 91 are some of the best clones out there

coharie arms and bobcat weapons guns work very well in general if you replace a few small parts with factory german parts

STAY AWAY (really!!!)

from anything HESSE nothing but problems

some special weapons products useually their earlier guns

century arms i have heard is hit or miss i have no real experience with them and i cannot form a valid opinion without some first hand

most smiths will do work on most clones, but i dont think anyone (major builder at least) will tackle a hesse rifle
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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