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Cocking Tube, HK34?

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Does any one have experience making one of these? I have pestered a few of the vendor/builders here to see if any of them had a spare they would be willing to sell me. No luck. Hkparts has a listing but they are out of stock and I don't know how long ago they had them or if this type of build is still popular. Being from Ca with no possibility of an sbr this type of build makes sense to me. So the next step is to make one. The questions I have are:

Are they all the same diameter between the different calibers, could I splice a 9mm with a 5.56 or 7.62 to get the length I need?

Does the support piece stop against the inside of the tube?

What is the OAL of a 93 tube?

I will probably have more questions but this is a start.

Thanks for looking!
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Does any one have experience making one of these?
Yeah, I've machined a few cocking tubes from 4130 tubing or solid round stock before; as mentioned above it would probably be easier for the average builder to just use the blank extrusion that HKParts sells, slot with a dremel, and trim it to fit.
The MP5 doesn't require hardly any force to unlock the rollers, so it really doesn't have to be a terribly involved or closely-machined-to-tolerance part.
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