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Coharie CA89 9mm Pistol (HK89 Clone)

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I got a CA89, it looks great! This one has the real HK SEF Navy lower by the way, looks great. It has 3 lug barrel underneath. One thing I'm wondering is for those who's shot their CA89, does the muzzle blast damage the plastic shroud? I'm wondering if it would be good to cut down the shroud (since it's not original HK anyway) so to expose the 3 lug barrel muzzle.

By the way, I've heard that this version as referred to as CA89K, while CA89 is the pistol version of HK94. For this one, it is labeled CA89, which I believe it's how it should since it's a CA clone to HK89.

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When I do a search on Gunbroker for CA89 I get this:

Which is an SBR. Now there is a CA94K (which I like) but it is an AOW:

Anyone have a source for the pistol? What is the process for an AOW? Is it less painful than a SBR application? I just did an SBR and it is a pain in the a$$ in my area.


The weapon in the first pic is not an SBR unless you add a buttstock and tax stamp, otherwise, it's just a big pistol. Jeff
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