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This video was from the very first one we did.

I know we have a pretty big HKPRO contingent in PA, so I am inviting the crew to come shoot the match on the 15th of October.

It is a rifle match. That means rifles doing rifle-y stuff, not running around at pistol distances. There are shots to 600Y with DMR and to 500Y with carbine.

There are two classes:

DMR - Any rifle with EITHER an optic capable of greater than 6x OR a bipod on the gun.

RECCE - No bipod or front support device, and any optic that is maximum 6x or under. An ACOG or 1-4x is perfect. <----- I highly recommend this class for beginners

It is a friendly atmosphere with all kinds of ages, skill levels and interesting equipment. There are no uber-competitive A-holes.

There are lots of moving targets, pop ups and fun stages on the steel.

An MR556 would fit in here perfectly, and I'll most likely be shooting mine. ;-)

If you never felt like you could hit targets that far away, come prove yourself wrong. You'll have lots of help and encouragement.

The entry fee is payable to the club and is $30.00 and I believe will include lunch (burgers & dogs type stuff).

Info and Registration:

URC DMR/RECCE match, Oct 15, Exeter PA - Forums - Scout


Course of Fire:

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@fargo007 sorry for the late post, but I find that the individual states don't get as much traction. It might help to post in the general regional issues-events section and just indicate the state in the title. Looks like fun thought!

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