Factory anodized A5 Pistol or SBR upper receiver for your HK416 or MR556. This is unfired although it was installed on a Brownells lower for some photos.

Comes with the following;
  • Factory RAL8000 tan anodized A5 upper receiver
  • HK HAUS 11" cold hammer forged, chrome lined, light profile barrel with A5 barrel extension
  • Waffen Burk short knob adjustable gas block.
  • Surefire SOCOM closed tine flash hider for use with SOCOM suppressors
  • Geissele DDC airborne charging handle
  • Geissele DDC super Modular rail (SMR). Looks perfect despite being a blem
  • HK piston rod
  • HK gas piston
  • HK Haus steel A5 barrel nut
  • Brownells BRN-4 bolt carrier group
  • RAL8000 port door
The roll pins that came with the gas block chipped away a slight amount of the material on the gas block. If you prefer I could replace the gas block with a brand new long knob Waffen Burk gas block for the same price.

First to post that they will take it is the buyer.
Payment via USPS money orders, apple pay, zelle, or venmo friends.
Please do not say that you will take it unless you intend to complete purchase!

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