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Convert MKE AT-94A2 into HK34 ??

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Would you do it?
The barrel diameter is such that you could just turn it down, no bushing needed.
Do a standard HK type/height shelf too.
Would you do work on an AT-43?
IIRC, you had posted something about not working on MKE guns, but didn't know for sure and figured I'd ask.
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Joe better be working on MKE's being that mine is at his shop! Lol. He redid full size MKE and did a incredible job.
MKE what? whos? where? how? LOL ;)

I do work on MKE's. There was a time that I decided not to rework welds, but with my new ultrasonic cleaner and Miller TIG, I'm finding that I can re-strike welds to good results.

As for AT-94 to 34, I currently have two of them here that I am going to convert. No, the barrel is not thick enough to avoid the use of a bushing. I'll work on other MKE's as well as long as people do not mind the wait :)
I have never converted a 94 to a 34 but I have built a 34 out of a kit. I love the way it looks vs the old fashioned broomstick out the front of your gun.
Yeah, I really wish some of the roller-lock generation were still around at HK. I'd love to ask them why they never made it. I can only guess it was because it was cheaper to take an MP5 baseline and stick the longer barrel in it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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