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Couldnt help myself-P30

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Was at the Pasadena gun show and there was a P30 there for $769+tax and I just couldn't walk away. I was talking to the dealer and another guy started looking at it and I just had to buy it. Now the only problem is that I don't want to shoot it because I have this crazy feeling that this one is going to be a serious collectors item and will fetch top dollar in a few years. I might just have to buy a second one.
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Well, collector value-depends. I'm an Hk collector, so I'd like to get one someday and simply have one in the collection. I just don't see the value going up and they will actually, more than likely, go down in value over time. The only reason they are right now in the $800 range is because they are new and people want the new things. Just like the P2KSK's; they were high as hell when they first started coming out-now I see them in the upper $500's to lower $600 dollar range. Same thing will happen to the new P30's out there.

The only real way I see them going up in value is if the mag ban hits again and you have one of these with two or three "pre-ban" mags. That will definitely make them more valuable.
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