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Grand Chazzar
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How does one get a coupon code for an order at ?
I have placed 7 orders in the last 5 weeks or so , all orders were handled perfect .
I have never had a problem with hkparts. Very stand up buisness!
Having said that ......
I plan to make several more orders in the weeks to come .
I always see it asks for coupon code ???
I would enjoy a 25% off coupon on my next order :)
Just thought I'd ask

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I ordered an x-91 drum recently which ships free from them. Seem to remember a coupon code auto-populating the coupon field at time of checkout.
Was able to combine some other items with the drum which shipped free also---that was nice.

Would be nice to get some kind of "good customer" bonus---if it exist, I haven't reached it yet.
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