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I remember when I was 18 (7 years ago) I talked my Dad into buying me my first pistol. That pistol was a LNIB HK Match .45acp out the door for $750. It came with the black bag, cleaning kit, etc etc. It was a beautiful gun that I wished I had kept. But, wanting something newer and cooler I sold it. Damn, I wish I had hung onto it. Now what really makes me wish I had kept it is the price of ones I see being sold nowdays. $2200+ for like new in the box. !!!!! Stupid stupid stupid!

Ah well. Maybe I'll try to hunt down another in the future. I have pics of it but, they are pretty crappy and are on another computer. If I get a chance I'll upload and post em.

I guess for now I will try and find me a HK P2000SK V3 9mm.
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