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CSASS Rifle for Sale - laughable!!!

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Not mine, no affiliation thank goodness.

So he's at it again, this time claims to be selling a CSASS. Interesting considering HK hasn't delivered any for T&E yet and rail will be Geissele.

HECKLER & KOCH G28 HYBRID CSASS SNIPER S&B 3-20 : Semi Auto Rifles at
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To think 618 people have given this guy positive feedback on Gunbroker... what in the f%^K!
They give him the money, he gives them the gun in the photos. They're not informed enough to know they just got taken big time. It's like P.T. Barnum said...

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He likes the words "Government" and "Government Issue" doesn't he?

"HK Government issued weapon record book no charge" - laugh. I took the USMC Weapon Record Book and put an HK on it and sent it to the printer. That is it's only relationship to "Government".

If he engraved "US Government" on this civilian MR762 maybe the "Government" will issue him a orange "Government-Issued Jumpsuit" for his "Government Jail Cell".
One can only dream I guess.

The only authentic CSASS's in the US are with the US Army (test samples) - HK does not even have one in country at this time and the final CSASS will be very different than the test samples.

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