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Current Value of a Factory HK PSG-1

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Thinking of listing a Original PSG-1 marksman rifle for sale and wondering what current values are? Gun is in excellent condition in Factory case with all accessories.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi David

About a week ago a "Demo" marked PSG1 with all accessories was listed no reserve on gunbroker with a start of $10000 and didn't get a bid. It hasn't been relisted, but I first saw it listed a couple of months ago for $14000. I guess the owner is reassessing his price and/or how much he wants to sell.

I think that currently NIB unfired complete packages are a bit easier to sell as serious HK collectors have more money right now than keen HK shooters (who will want an excellent condition shooter).

Hope this info helps....



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It's all about condition. The one on gunbroker is just too ate up to be worth 10K. Not to mention the scratches, little paint marks, etc on the gun and carry case, but some of the assessories are gone. Yours could be worth $14k-?, just depends on the condition.
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