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Current Value on a HK 33 parts kit with 1/7 barrel?

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Just wanted to know if any fellow members know the current cost on a complete Factory HK 33 with a 1/7 barrel? Actually its a service-grade/good condition Malaysian HK 33 complete parts kit with out the barrel and a Factory German HK 93 barrel with sight tower 1/7 twist in excellent condition-like new? I have this HK 33 kit that I would like to sell towards a MP5F build I wish to do in the near future. Any information on current value would greatly help.
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Ended up years ago with a couple HK barrels from Terry, an HK93 1 in 12 and a 33 1 in 7 twist (which will make the worlds longest SBR at 15.5 inches more or less ;-) for installing in a HK93 that someone had turned US threads on at the muzzle, for using with a suppressor I assume. However, this gun wandered over to a friend for making into a HK53 with an HK parts kit.

Thus since cleaning up, was wondering nominal pricing on just the barrels and how to tell who make the 33 barrel (I should know this and need to dig it out someday for a photos ;-).

Thanks for the use of the thread.
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