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D54P/10 and D54/40 Serial Number 1

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PREFACE: We are not going out of business. We are not embezzling money. I am not dying. I don't owe money to the dope man. The rumors have been rich 馃槅

I am letting go of serial number 1 of both of these guns in a package. When these guns were built, my intention was to hand them down to my boys when they became of age. After some long thought and family discussion, we have decided to let them go in order to help fund their current interests.

100 duckets x 300 seats is a huge feat, larger than any previous that I have ever done. These guns are tough to let go of though as the 10 was built for my son DJ right after he was born and the 40 for my son Joey after he was born. I hope that you are not insulted by the size of the ask.

Given its size, I have turned to Review The Pew for help...


Thank you!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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