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D54P/40 Pre-orders

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I am hoping to start this run of D54P/40's sometime in the next 120 days.

- Hand picked and checked German HK MP5/40 demilled parts kit.
- SW .40 flat with weldment set that I will roll and weld. NOT a pre-rolled SW receiver.
- Low-profile picatinny rail properly placed and welded to top of receiver.
- Optional Euro-cut front sight for un-obstructed 1/3 co-witness support.
- New or like-new Navy-style SEF polymer lower with properly converted trigger pack to semi-auto
- Properly fitted Choate A1 end-cap
- New wide handguard
- One used magazine (condition will vary)

I am still waiting on the cost of a last few parts that I plan on replacing but I am estimating the price to be $3195.00 plus shipping. Add $25 for Euro-cut front sight tower and $50 for SBR engraving.

Looks like I will have about 20 guns in this batch. I'll start taking pre-orders with a 25% deposit when it gets a little closer and I can better commit to a timeline.

Thanks again, to all of you, for your on-going support :)
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