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DAG95 Battle Packs for HK91 in NH

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For those of you in NH who have to feed your 91's, Riley's Sport Shop in Hooksett has very fresh looking cases of German surplus DAG from 1995. The price is $495/case (1000 rounds), which is comprised of 5 sealed battle packs or $109/ battle pack (200 rounds). I looked at one open box and it was pristine; the battle packs look like they just left the factory. I picked up 3 cases but I think they had 18 or so in total. It's not on their shelf, but in their warehouse out back so you have to ask for it. As 308 goes, this is not a bad price for a case and this is among the best surplus and what was designed to work in those G3 rifles.

If you are looking for tarnished Port, they have those for $85/ battle pack.
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