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Here is my Dakota Tactical D54-DE also known as “The German” (No longer in production). It's crafted from select demilled German MP5 parts kits. If you didn't know already, Dakota Tactical builds are "Sear-ready". This one has been outfitted with the following parts:
  • Blitzkrieg Front sight post (LUMINESCENT GREEN)
  • Trijicon MRO
  • Scalarworks Lower 1/3 Mount
  • Ultra-Low Profile HK Red Dot Mount
  • SilencerCo 3-lug adapter
  • JMAC Custom BDS-12 (Blast Diversion Shield)
  • Magpul SL Handguard

I also have:
  • HK MP5 A2 stock and handguard
  • (2) HK MP5 trigger packs
  • (2) Flat faced trigger shoes
  • HK MP5 Bolt carrier
  • Low profile mount for Aimpoints
  • (5) Made in Germany magazines

If you have any questions or offers, feel free to send me a private message. I'm only asking for 4700 bucks packed, insured, and shipped, but send me your best offer.


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