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I've been meaning to get some vids/pics of my new Chopstix Kid MP5k rev. stretch out there to yall for some time now. Well here it is. Interestingly it seems that my two reg. sear packs have slightly different trip levers. Both trip lever tips have been modified to run in my MM23E but it seems one of the packs doesnt like certain other hosts, including but not limited to the DT MP5k rev. stretch shown in the vid and pics below.

Once I got the proper pack with the preferred trip lever in the DT gun she ran like a champ. Great form factor. Nice ROF. More than accurate enough for me. Great finish on the gun to boot.

Anyway, of course it started raining ( complete thunderstorm actually) within 10 min. of us setting up. We decided to just shoot from just under the open back of my Suburban. That worked OK. A bit tight but in a pinch for a HK Junkie any port in a storm, right? Shot about 250 rnds before giving up due to the inclement weather. Little did we know that the fun was just starting. Suburban got stuck in the freshly made mud. We struggled with it for quite some time before calling in the cavalry which consisted on the tractor which was required to drag the suburban ass-first back across the field to the road. All in all, a fine day of shooting if not a bit complicated.

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