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I know I said I would get the Call for Registration for this year's Day with HK out on 1 Sept but it looks like that date will slip.
HK is still working on deconflicting dates for the range and support staff.

I proposed these dates to them today:
Primary Dates
-Monday 24 October
-Monday 31 October
-Friday 4 November

Secondary Dates
25, 27 October
10 November

Would prefer to do it on a Monday or Friday so folks can travel in or out on a weekend day.

Once the date is locked in I will post a thread here with the Call for Registration date.
I am still accepting "matching" pledges ($1000 + $1000) so PM me if interested in securing a spot early.

Thanks to those who have already pledged and to Leperchuan0311 who's foundation has pledged $10,000 (2X the 2015 pledge) to this annual fundraising effort! GREAT START!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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