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day of stock gun shooting

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Well now that summers over and it's not 118 in the shade (and theres not a lot of shade at the range) Our club is running matches again. I got out to our club's stock gun match. shot with my USP 40f and my duty level 3 holster and duty mag holsters. Ammo was Magtech FMJ 180g.
Gun worked flawlessly. Wish I could say the same about the shooter! Definitely improving though. First time since last spring I've shot a match, was novice last spring. I entered the match as novice, but when they saw my scores, they threw me into intermediate. There were 11 intermediate shooters, and I came in 4th with a score of 217. There were a few shooters in the next class up that I beat too. I didn't get the official count but my best guess is there were 52 shooters and I placed 38 in raw score. My previous best was third to last in larger field. I felt pretty good about that, even with the handicap of using my duty gear.
I have been trying the grip that most target shooters are using now. The one in the Jarret video. Shot the first 3 stages with the old grip then switched. Did noticeably better the last 3 stages. It seems to be helping a lot. I'm still coming up with my sight picture off, and have to aim/adjust a lot. I think maybe some more dry practice will help with that, and with brining my hands into the new grip a little more consistently. Also I think I will go with only the new grip from now on. Too confusing to the mussel memory to switch back and forth.
I got several comments about my HK. I'm still the only HK shooter out there.
Lots of 1911, lots of jams. There is nothing sweeter that pulling the trigger and the gun does what it's supposed to every time.
I'm thinking about going to a Frontsite training for 4 day next month. Hope to learn some things and keep improving. Personal goal - IPSA C class by the first of the year (C class is above the 50% cut)