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DeltaPoint Pro on HK P30 or VP9???

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Has anyone had any success putting on DeltaPoint Pro (not the older DeltaPoint) on a P30 or VP9?

I've seen mounting for HK 2000 and USP, but nothing for a P30 or VP9.

My nightstand gun is a P30L and I'm thinking of moving to a VP9; the DPP seems to be a very good fit to my needs (eyes getting old).

thanks much,
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Yes, it is being done. I assume you mean milling the slide an mounting.
A company called AmerigunUSA out of Michigan makes adapters for the P30 and the VP9 to be able to take a Deltapoint Pro. I just got my P30 fitted with a Burris Fastfire 3 using an adapter from them.
I spoke with one of the techs for Ashbury Precision Ordnance, i believe they are now capable of doing these millings for HK's.
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