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Did a trigger/action job on my USP 9

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Picked a USP 9mm AF dated pistol. I really like these, but the trigger just didn't cut it compared to my USP .45 Expert. I could have sprung for a match trigger kit, but wanted to try it for my self. After 3 hours of careful polishing/stoning and working the sear engagement angle, it came out with the following:

4.5lbs very short, smooth clean break.
Double action pull smoother and 30%+ lighter.
Trigger return 50% better.

Overall it came within 90% of the HK match trigger performance. The Match kit has the adjustable trigger stop, but the USP doesn't have much trigger overtravel.

This service is now available. If anyone is interested in getting theirs done, send me an email.

Bill Springfield
[email protected]
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I have heard a combo match and LEM set up can be had, and saw one weapon offered for sale with this package performed at the HK factory. What you did sounds great. I just had a match put in my 45F, much, much better versus stock.
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