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Did all hk p7m13s come with test targets?

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I recently picked up an hk p7m13. Had a bunch of goodies, extra mags, factory casing, warranty card, manual, and matchung box. But unlike all my other p7s it didnt seem to come with a test target. This m13 has a rather late AE date code. I was wondering if hk stop doing test targets for their later p7s or I am just out of luck and didnt get one. Unlike my other p7s this one came with a factory sealed envelope with a brass casing, my feeling is thay they replaced the test tatget with thay

Any help would be appreciated!


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No, not all P7M13's came with a test targets. Test targets were more common with early Chantilly's and non HK USA imports. The M13's were imported from the early 80's until the late 90's. There was another small batch imported in 2004 (AE date code) with billboard style warning labels on the slide. Most of the those ended up in law Enforment hands. The AE date coded M13's pistols came with a matching serial numbered box, manual, warranty card, 2 LEO magazines, cleaning brush, and a spent test fired casing sealed in a small tan envelope.
Phew! Thanks for the info! I was worried that someone had lost the test target along the way, good to know its the complete set!
yeah, He said that it was just done with paint pen so Its not permanent, It gives a rather clean look so ill keep it on for now.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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