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I took the SW5 SBR and CA89k out to the range yesterday. The SW5 has the 9mm hammer spring conversion in it and the CA89k came with what appears to be a 9mm spring. Anyway, we were shooting the following:

Blazer, Brass ($8/50 at Walmart)
UMC, Brass ($8/50 at Academy)
S&B, Brass ($8.50/50 at gun show)

All 115 grain.

Both the Blazer and UMC discharged the casings about 5' out of the guns (either gun). That seemed to cycle them adequately. The S&B had a bit more of a kick to it and discharged the casings twice as far (about 10'). The cycling on this felt real good and solid. I had two other guys with me and had them watching the difference is discharge energy/distance. They were amazed at the noticeable differences.

No squibs on any of the rounds but I think it's safe to say that I'll be sticking with the S&B stuff for rapid fire.

Edit: There were two rounds, while I was watching, that barely came out of the gun. They were both the UMC stuff.
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