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Divorce forces me to sell most of my high end holsters. All are right handed unless otherwise indicated and priority shipping is included. E-mail only to Mike at [email protected] for pics/questions. NO pm's:
1-Del Fatti LP-HTL for M8/13, as new, black, 1.5 loops, SOLD
2-Del Fatti ISP-LP for M8/13, new, cordovan, 1,5 loops, $190
3-Milt Sparks, VMII for M8/13, black w/shark trim, 1.5 loops, new, SOLD
4-Raven kydex OWB for M8/13, tan, 1.5, $60
5-Garrity Incognito IWB for M8/13, Left Handed, new, cordovan, 1.5,
6-Milt Sparks double mag pouch for M8/13, black, new, left handed,
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No worries. I have bought and sold multiples with him over the last couple of years.

Just make sure that you email him instead of sending a PM (per the listing).
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