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DJ Getz Firearms pics

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fit and finish on my k model is excellent the welds are unbelieveably clean , all pins were able to be taken out by hand for dissassembly, everything that i looked at is true and correct
these guns are NICE i'm deffinately going to get my name on the next order too you cant have too many k's in your collection.

hands down one of the nicest clones i seen better than my mke k clone by far

Thank You Dave love this gun
+1 on the fitment and finish...

I can't express how nice it has been working with Dave, very responsive with emails, and even called me to check how my shoot went to address any problems that I may have. He went into detail about how much time he spent sanding, and polishing with steps of steel wool before sending it off for coating... IT SHOWS !!

My K-PDW is immaculate in every respect - very thorough in how the fit and finished product detail leaves his house....

Thanks Dave...
Very nice!! It appears DJ out did himself!!
Sweet. I cut the forward handguard back enough that I could attache the suppressor onto the barrel. That's the only design change I'd make.
I'm picking up my MP5k pistol from my dealer tonight after work...Glad to hear they are good looking.
And a big +1 on ultra ease dealing with Dave to buy the gun.

We got in a sample of each of Daves guns and they all look great we will be testing them early next week with sear packs etc. We think he has a winning product line up with these guns .
Congrats Dave!
Oh boy, you guys are making me impatient waiting for mine!
Videos and photos are a must, and does this mean DJF guns will be a stock item on in the future?
We are going out shooting on saturday afternoon. I will be posting more pictures & we should also have some video to post as well.
A big thank you to everyone who made this build a great success. We will never be satisifed with the status quo. We are always looking/striving to make improvements in tooling, products, efficiency, quality & overall experience. This next build will be even better as we have already implemented some changes & improvements/upgrades over the previous build....always raising the bar per se'. I will be having another "pre-buy buy in" post here. So please get your order in early. This scheduled completion on this build will be the end of Sept. Thank you to everyone once again.
Range report:

Today I took my DJ Getz Firearms k model out to my range and shot 200 rounds of 115 grain steel case berdan primed russian surplus threw 3 different magazines one from DJ himself , one original hk 30 rounder and one ati korean made magazine.

out of 200 rounds I had zero failure to fire and zero failure to eject, this gun worked flawlessly and I had a good 4 ft arc of empties with a strong ejection I figure 200 rounds was a good break in hope to shoot more this weekend.

again Thank you Dave I love this gun.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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